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Report on "James"


Your RP Name*
>> CyberPandaQQ

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:33021543

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Staff

What are their names*
>> James

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:1:196868890

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> So i was getting mugged by a player called "diego" i did /mugdeny and killed him then all of a sudden james picks me up drops me losing 40 health "on accident" then brought me to a roof i explained the situation and he put me back on the ground without healing me. // breaking rule "- Don't fly into events as it may disrupt the gameplay." of the staff handbook. 


Hello there cyber!
The rule you are referring to is taking about events like parkour if I’m not mistaken. I agree that James should have healed you.
Got the big oof...

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Personally I've had a similar experience with James. I believe it was last night.

We banned a player permanently for reaching the Warn limit.
Of course, Soap-Chan banned them too early while we were trying to talk to the kid,

And because of this, me and Hxveyyy started shooting Soap with our Miniguns. Just for general fun. Don't worry, She had God mode.
Of course, James sees this and drags Me, Hxveyyy, and another, Plat, a good friend of mine, and straight up freezes us in the air. Without unfreezing despite shouting at him Soap was also telling him to stop I believe aswell.
Me, trying to escape, gets glitched by the freeze system and starts falling to the ground. All the while, James is ghosting us from the scene. The reason this is bad is because of the way Source Engine views Fall Damage.

Source, determines damage via the speed you hit the ground. Rather than Distance fallen, or time in the air. Basically, Source sees it as, the longer you are NOT on the ground, the more damage you take. So you can fall a short distance very slowly due to a prop glitch. But when you hit the floor, Bam. You're dead. It sees you as ALWAYS increasing in velocity. So it determines your damage from the speed. Which says say, 512 units per second. Despite you falling 32 units. So to test this, you can jump off of a small ledge, No clip REALLY quickly, go off of no clip, and when you hit the floor...you die.

So, I'm falling due to this glitch, all in the while, James is STILL blanking us out. I die. 30 seconds later he unfreezes us. However I'm already dead. And due to that freeze cycle, I am permanently dead, until I leave the server which means I lose everything.

James does use the Freeze tool a bit TOO much. In a recent sit I noted that James froze the guy I was reporting, despite him not really doing anything. Just standing there, listening and complying with staff questions.

What I'm trying to say is James uses the Freeze command WAY too fucking much. And in turn it makes shit bad. The freeze tool should only really be used when people keep running away from sits, trying to RDM in a sit, or MRDA, MRDM. It shouldn't have to expand further than that.

I'm sure I could fit alot more into this probably 300 word 6 mark essay exam question. But I am O-so tired...
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hey , I am the witness , I think james did pick him up , after reading joduls response I feel like james doesn't 100% know how to deal with moderation , he should of healed him tho u cant deny that
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I have also noticed James very much enjoys using the freeze tool. Most of the time when im just chilling on the server I run past him and he has someone in a sit frozen but its whatever he may of had valid reasons but what im trying to say is that he shouldn't of pulled you into a sit as you had done nothing wrong but it wasn't a huge problem so I dont believe he deserves a demotion due to this.


Lets get James respond to this.
I agree a bit with Jodul but here's my story ;
What i see is James responding to lots of posts from staff applications or general discussions, but the thing is i think its really immature to put some random " Memes " under your reaction. For my opinion it just makes it really unprofessional. I also asked the mentor to tell him its a bit unprofessional but it was okay.
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That's not really a punishable offense. I agree that he should've healed you, yet he did not break the stated rule since it's not an event - therefore I'm gonna have to deny it.
Regarding everyone else who commented on this report, I mostly focused on the reporter's main topic since no one else provided evidence. I'll certainly speak to James and his mentor regarding freezing.

Thank you for your time, James will not be punished.

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