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More admins on at night?


Can we get some more admins/mods on at night. there are rdm'ers everywhere
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The issue is that we don't have much staff in timezones that would make their prime time at late night and as for the others, everyone needs their sleep (There may be few exceptions but it's a very small amount)
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You see, how many staff we have isn't the issue, it's the fact most staff are from the UK, with exceptions going east into Europe. We have 2 North American staff they try their best but they can't be on until late as, like us, they have school etc. What we really need is some US staff from the west (California etc.)


We need US staff and more of them...

Myself and others during weekends sometimes are on the server from 10am till 4-5am, it just take a lot from us to get on during the weeks as we have school/work.

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yes we need usa staff
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