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Staff Application and Staff Information Change


Suggestion is aimed for:
Staff applicants

What the suggestion is:
Add onto the Staff Application Information post and on the Staff Application Template a link to the staff handbook

Why the suggestion would be useful:
When I first applied for I staff I knew nothing about the staff handbook. Now I see a lot of applicants getting the questions wrong such as ban times. Adding this would let the staff applicants read the staff handbook or have knowledge about it before they are accepted.

Some problems with the suggestion:
I don't see any problems with this.



People should be able to learn more directly from the source before answering the questions in the Staff Application Template.


This should be added mainly for people new to applying and even for experienced people .. they should learn what they are going into before they apply..
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What Kai said.


It was hard to find but if you have knowledge about moderating etc you would have a rough estimate, it's not hard to do some digging, but yes i agree staff handbook link should be attached! +Rep
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This suggestion makes alot of sense and would be helpful for the newbies
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It took me a while to find out about it when I applied for staff and it should be attached

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When I applied I had no idea what the staff handbook was, I just either guessed or watched what other staff did.

Would make it more user friendly.

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I agree with what everyone has said, +rep from me.
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Accepted. It has now been added.

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