Hawk Servers

Deployable Keypad Crackers.


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Thiefs

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible)
>> we add a deployable keypad cracker to the theif / chav jobs

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> make it not as hard to raid 

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Thats what is fun about the thief/chav its suppose to be a struggle. A lot of robberies in real life struggle to get what they need, although it may look easy they defo struggle a lot. The thief / chav is fine how it is in my opinion. + Every server has them / most of them, so Hawk is being different <3
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this has been suggested before and would make raiders way to overpowered

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What teddy said, If raiders could just fire down a hallway which keypad cracking it could be stupidly op even for just one person raiding


I have seen this on other servers and its just a bit boring really because you dont actually do anything and its not a challenge to raid which is again quite boring
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HATE THAT FUTURE. Tongue Raiders place it down, run to the otherside of the map and wait



Was suggested before, and left on hold.
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this sounds interesting .. but how would it work ? would you have only one usable kaypad cracker? could it be destroyed somehow?
it could make it easier
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This would make raids my way to easy but it would be really fun to use


Deploy able keypad crackers wouldn't work too well with how hawk works. If you want a deploy able keypad cracker, use an EMP.

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