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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Staff Applications. 
What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Can we make it so only Staff can comment on Staff Applications? I don't know if this has been suggested in the past  but I think it could be useful.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> Staff always have the final say in most situations, so why not to who gets staff or not. I always see non-staff rate Staff Applications and I don't get why (I admit I did this before I got staff, but I only did it to my friends applications.). 

I know people normally do this as some sort of post farm system but I think it should stop. The staff always have the final say and are currently staff because they have and know what it takes to be staff, non-staff haven't got experience and therefore shouldn't be able to share what they think who is qualified to be staff. No offense to the non-staff, it's just most of the time it's post farming. 
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aaa so many suggestions like this one was made before


I completely agree, some players will give -rep on staff applications if the player raids them or mugs them constantly as what happens with me.
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I agree with most points, but tbh a non-staff can say what he thinks about the person applying to. I do this and I always try to answer as good as possible. I don't bring any rp reasons into my judgements. For exampme. Sabreburn raided me and I had no printers FOR THE REST OF THE DAY and I +REPPED him. I'm sure there are more people out there like me and the only thing changing the rule would do is stopping us from helping the server the way you can. Besides there are members who know the rules better than staff (Not talking about my self here, I accept that most staff know better than me.)

This is what I do when replying to staff application:

1Think about the applicant , is he mature? All arround behavior...

2Read other replys, if all replys are positif I do not reply unless the applicant is a friend of mine (which didn't happen before because I have no friends on the server. If I knew him to be a minge I do add this with a neutral rep.

3Read the application briefly (well enough to see if the applicant knows what he's doing.)

4If there is one, I quote a reply and say I agree. This shortens the ammount of time higher ups need to read to declude wether they accept or decline.

5If there's no matching reply and know enough from behavior etc. I make a reply my self and try to do this as good as possible.

6If I don't know the applicant well enough, I read the application again.

7I reply to the application with my opinion. If I cannot conclude anything I leave the application open.

Please do not take away this all from me, I judt try to help the server and also enjoy doing it.

(About the forum farming thing... I've left plenty of applications open for the reasons stated above so you cannot be meaning me... I hope... lol)


I'm neutral on this one.
On one hand it's good to see what the active community thinks of staff appicants as most of the time the users know each other better than the staff know the users.
On the other hand some reps can be really bias either +rep or -rep.


I agree with this. I find that so many non-staff are just posting on apps, also take into account when someone is applying they can blatantly -rep another applier.
On the other hand, what other people have said is true aswell with community response.
now thats epic sauce


its annoying too see others then staff repping the post.. this is a way of us as staff knowing and agreeing with each other if the application is good enough..
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It is useful to see what some non staff think of people. Some people could be really nice to staff, but be rude to non staff. Closed.

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