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Afk handbook rule


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>>Remove the afk rule in the handbook

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>>it's pointless, if we had to go and idk it was a emergency or smthing, we wouldn't rlly bother leaving. Just remove please

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If staff are needed in to take sits, when they join they won’t see any of the current sits unless new ones are made, an afk staff member however will be able to see these sits on return. If it really becomes a problem with someone being afk for hours on end, sure kick them, but 15 minutes is way too short of a time to kick someone.

If they are on duty, take them out of public eye, and if they don’t come back in say 25 minutes kick them.

If someone is afk off duty just leave them be, unless as I said it becomes a real playtime farm.


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The amount of staff who are on the server who AFK solely to gain hours/come back to get printer money is insane. If you're on-duty, you should be on-duty, NOT AFK.
People take the piss 24/7, hence why the rule was introduced

I've been to many sits with "Admin this other admin is AFK in my base, has been here for ages" or "admin this admin wont help me, hes flying above me"
It looks highly unprofessional and shows lack of interest on some levels. If you're going to go AFK at least have the decency to go OFF-DUTY!

AFK should stay but aimed at those who are AFK ON DUTY, Off-Duty doesn't matter at all.


That's what I mean, thxs for explaining I just couldn't on phone cba xd



The rule ain't pointless. Going AFK while on duty just doesn't show dedication. Why would you volunteer for a job to just half ass it?
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