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False Warned i Think


Your RP Name*

>> George

Your SteamID*


What is the reason of the warn?*

>>RDM in a sit.

Who warned you?*


What are their SteamIDs?


What happened* (Give us as much detail as possible, including evidence. If this is an older one it can be harder but try to best explain it then in your reasoning.)
>>Hello, so the reason i got warned was because i RDM Someone in a sit, but there is a good reason for it and i can't give evidence its quite obvious, So the reason i RDM'ed him was because he was disrespecting my Family. The guy who i killed said "Suck your Nan", this made me upset because she is you know [past away], I Think this is totally fine reacting like this because cmon remagine if it happened to you, you would be mad you would do something to react to it, I Think this warn should Defo get removed just because its bs. 

Disrespecting someone ingame about there family is a big thing, People take it serious like myself. I Think i should be allowed to kill him so i feel happier but i know its wrong, But its just such a bs warn, Someone disrespecting your family and they Realize whoops they are dead. 

Please Remove this :/


This is the internet, many people say many things and learning how to not take them serious is a must. That being said, you still killed him. Therefore the warn is valid.


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