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Report on Soap Chan


Your RP Name*
>> Shadow Charmer

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:82077363

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Staff

What are their names*
>> Soap Chan

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:419493198

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> So, tonight at around 10:17 pm (GMT) this staff member warned me (I am not going to appeal for the warning here, will do another post on warning appeals), but what I am discussing today is not that they warned me, but how poorly they managed this situation. So, around 10:15 pm I was a SWAT General, being near the PD, I saw a pop-up of a guy called "Polite Cat" raiding the PD, so I went and he was outside (although next to it) and so I killed the guy.

Around 2 minutes afterwards, I was brought into a "sit", now, I say "sit" because it was done in the spawn and there were a lot of people talking, which made it furthermore something quite poorly handled as they could have just brought the two parties to somewhere people couldn't go. As it was a mayhem, my messages were pretty much ignored by this Moderator and I was warned for "RDM + Lying to Staff". After being unfairly warned, I told this staff member if they could please check their Discord DMs as I had sent evidence to them proving my point, although Soap seemed not to just ignore me in-game but also on Discord as I had left the game for a brief moment to get the screenshot for them to see:

(Proof of the sit being done in spawn and of the glitch)
(Discord conversation where I showed the evidence)
(PMing in-game with no response)
(PMing yet again with no reply)

After that, I got tired and just did "@Can any admin TP me where Soap Chan is?" and then I was TPed to them. The next screenshots are all the conversation between me and this staff member (they are in order for an easier reading):

In this conversation, the main points to be considered are that:
  • This staff member admitted acting poorly when handling the report, and so that makes the warning be both unfair and wrong to put in that case.
  • They even took facts as personal, saying I was being "rude" when I was just explaining what they had done in a quite wrong way.
  • They passed the problem onto "someone", a person I don't even know who is (supposedly a higher rank member) to remove the warning which after around 45 minutes has still not been removed.
All in all, this is pretty much it, I hope this is taken into account in future sits and also makes evidence from both parties something for Soap to consider when handling reports.

Thanks for your attention, ladies and gentlemen.
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Will get soap to respond.


I think this was a really big miscommunication, and I'm sorry for the way I handled it, I was just very overwhelmed
(I'm going to go over the main points)
- I was very overwhelmed and it wasn't a good call to have the sit near spawn, so I was having some issues keeping it under control and understanding the situation. But as I said I wanted the warn to be removed because it was invalid
- It's hard to understand ones inflection online and I thought the main issue was solved yet you kept going on, and it felt like you were sort of trying to be rude? (I know you weren't now)
- I had to pass the issue on to a higher up as I cannot remove warns
I'm really sorry for this, I think it was a huge miscommunication, and sorry I took your time and trouble
-Gamer Grill


Apologies accepted! I mean, we all make mistakes, but just thought making a report here on the forum would be the best way for you to notice, Soap.

It was indeed quite a misunderstanding, mainly because we could not really talk face to face on a sit in private, but hey, was just a bad call again. So yeah, just wanted you to realise so you take more things into account when dealing with that kind of problem.

As a former staff member of a TTT community, I do understand logs don't always have everything, and with this glitch that happened, you couldn't really have seen it, that's why it kind of pissed me off that you warned just right off the bat and didn't consider what could be the POV of my screen.

With nothing else to say, I hope this can just end in a dumb mistake and we can just play normally with no resentment involved.

Thanks for your attention, ladies and gentlemen.
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(29-09-2018, 07:11 AM)[VDT] Shadow Charmer Wrote: I hope this can just end in a dumb mistake and we can just play normally with no resentment involved.


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