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False Ban Reasons : Ban Appeal

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Your RP Name
>> Steve Maffio

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
>> alieninate

What is the stated reason?*
>> Raiding Building Base, LTAP

Ban Duration?*
>> 2-3 days (I'm not sure when I got banned, I'll explain)

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I don't have evidence for the next reason, how is it LTAP if I'm going to sleep. If you can check somehow, I live in Israel and there the hour was already between 12-1AM, so after raiding that base (the place that people usually go to for "Fighting Clubs", with that water thing, admins will understand), check the logs and see what happened first: They put a building sign and then I raided OR: There was no building sign (at least at a visible place) and then I raided. Plus, if they are building shouldn't they be in their base? When I got in there, there was no one and only then they got in, please check logs to see the delay from when I raided until I got killed, and there is no lie saying the delay was that I was in mid fight with them, nope, you can see that I only killed one of them after an amount of time and the second one said they are building pulled out a pistol and killed me. So if there is any proof I did LTAP and not going to sleep or they did had a building sign before I raided them, I would like to see it. I mentioned every reason you can check that is against the reasons for my ban.
LTAP - Going to sleep, they didn't even reported me after some point, I was still playing for few minutes and then gone.
Raid With Building Sign: They weren't in base while they were "building" and these was no building sign, at least not one that is visible or close enough to the place.

Thank you, Eyal Dayan / Steve Maffio.
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


I will inform higher ups and alieninate to respond, thank you.
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Btw, I know that I don't have an evidence but if you can still check the logs / ask people who were in the server yesterday, they didn't have a building sign when I raided them.
I know it's the third time I'm saying it lol but again, I didn't LTAP, I literally stayed in the server even more time after that and left the server when I wanted to go to sleep to not get warned for being AFK (At a lot of servers if you don't advert AFK for a short time you might get warned and then kicked, and I don't like warns ok).
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


If you was brought to a sit before you left the game, this would be LTAP. Also we cant check logs of yesterday, it would refresh by know. Again i have asked for staff to reply and say what they think including the person who warned you, they will reply shortly.
The word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness

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I wasn't brought to a sit, I was playing a little bit more and then left the server (not Garry's Mod ofc, I want more play time).

And the person who warned it was for FailRP, someone mugged me and I killed him with a SWAT (there was a SWAT next to me and I helped the SWAT to kill him).
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


Right aight.

So 2 people reported you for raiding them when they have a building sign. I checked out their base, it was not finished and it did indeed have a building sign. I went to see who killed them, it was you. I tried to bring you, but you left the server about 45 seconds after killing these people. To me that seems like LTAP. It may be a coincidence but to me and the others, it was LTAP.

I'll admit that I was very unsure if I should ban you. It just seems weird that you would kill 2 people then immediately leave. I didn't want to ban you tbh, I didn't get your side of the story. That's why in the ban I said at the end "Feel free to appeal at the forums". Thing is, there's more proof that you LTAP'd. I'm happy to lift the ban as I think it was a huge misunderstanding.

I truly apologise for this but if you were in my situation, you would also find it odd.
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Uhm, then can I PM you my side? Because I was just going to sleep, raid over, lost my gun, and did you saw they had any building sign? They weren't even in base, the one who killed me came after I killed another guy that I tried to use /y to see if he's in and he wasn't. And are you sure that I left that soon? Please tell me if you remember seeing they got a building sign close to their base or not because I don't remember that. Their base was empty and looked like they upgrade it but when I was outside it looked like a base that is done (again, no building sign was seen) and the first guy who I killed pulled a gun on me and when the second one who klled me came and said they building I kinda let him kill me, but I left only because it was already between 12-1AM (GMT+2 / IST), I just mention what I already said, I didn't LTAP and I also didn't saw any building sign until he killed me.

When I raided them there was no building sign, let's see, they wasn't in the base when I raided, after the came back there was a building sign...?

You could check in the logs back then what happened first, did they spawned a text screen model or I raided them.
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.

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I already said the ban will be lifted.

Chill lol.

(09-29-2018, 10:34 AM)alieninate Wrote: I already said the ban will be lifted.

Chill lol.

๒ɭ๏ฬร кเรร เภ ץ๏ยг ๔เгєςՇเ๏ภ

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Wait so u gonna unban me? Make mah ban shorter or something? Cuz when why what. Wutcha mean lifted xd
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


Accepted, it was a misunderstanding and you two spoke in PM's further about the incident.
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