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Due to my friends disability, I have wrote out his report.

I got RDMed by someone known as 'Hard Candy'. After this happened, my game crashed. 2 minutes later I was back in the server. After that, I proceeded to report Hard Candy for RDM, I then got brought to a sit by CJW. After waiting about 10 minutes, he responds with 'I can't do anything as he has left the server' (screenshot of this: https://gyazo.com/49f1e33a509d90227b5426755823d1f2), I then suggest that if I was to do the exact same thing, I would receive no punishment either. CJW then said that I would be banned, after telling me to 'hold on' for another 10 minutes. CJW then says that as the player plays the server 'alot' that he would be let off, then responds to all of my questions with 'senior just said it so it isn't' (screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f31c026da35d475f433894c69a5f9e68) - doesn't actually answer my questions. so now he's biased towards the player as he 'plays alot' and is ignoring me lmfao. Nice staff member? I am then returned. I then ask for the 'senior'. I get brought to a sit by a member of staff who happens to be part of his clan. He says the following; https://gyazo.com/5021d81cee00663d93434a66705f2f6e - but hang on, it wasn't 5 minutes. I don't have access to the logs and I can't prove this, but another staff member can. He then completely ignores anything I have to say, returns me. now I'm here. Also, sometimes the time it takes for sits to be responded to is 5 minutes. so, if sits are taking a long time to be answered and someone RDMs someone and then logs out, they get no punishment? 


Will get them to respond.

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Ok, so let me say I don't believe you on the sit time thing, sits have been taken so fast recently that staff have been called out for inactivity because they can't claim the sits.

Regarding the point about me getting it incorrect about the 5 mins thing, that was what I was told the time in-between when it happened and when you created the sit was still long enough for the guy to log out. If he is gone and didn't know he was did anything wrong then how can we punished him if he had no clue. He could never learn from this.

This is the system we have for LTAP on this server.

Regarding me not listening to what you had to say I was spectating the sit that you had been in with CJW. Your question was if you do that would you be banned. I also answered this before sending you back.
There was no sit even created for me to bring you and I was spectating someone at the time so it was lucky I saw it in ooc. As I wanted to get back to continue spectating this person as well as all questions were answered so I didn't feel it was nesserary to continue with the sit.

Also me being in his clan had nothing to do with the sit? I was not a part of the sit and was just spectating neither am I a part of Hardbreakers clan.

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Okay so what happened is I brought you to a sit you said someone rdmed so I checked logs, and it showed me that Hardcandy killed you then I tried to bring Hardcandy but I couldn't as he disconnected I checked the time of the logs and they were around 4 mins apart now in my opinion that is too long to class as ltap in them 4 minutes hardcandy could have easily had to disconnect as he had to go I also think that if hardcandy was going to ltap he would have left straight away all proof of the logs below.



Joel; You specified right, that because he had been logged out for 5 minutes that it didn't make him punishable. Why would you make that point if you didn't even know for yourself that it was 100% true? like what?

Secondly, your LTAP system is clearly a bit shit. But sure, blame it on that. It still doesn't justify the fact that CJW went ahead and said that due to the players playtime he wouldn't be banned or punished for LTAP. You also mention that you were spectating the sit. You will then agree with the crazy amount of time it took to actually reach a conclusion which was satisfactory for CJW, however still not satisfactory with the reporter, which leads to the fact that he ignored me lol. Not really what you want from your staff is it? Also, spectating the sit would mean that you weren't actually spectating another random player, because, last I checked you can't spectate multiple people at the same time. all questions weren't answered at all if i'm just getting the same response to my questions, which you would've seen if you were spectating. You also brought me to a sit, just to say one thing - didn't actually let me say anything in return, again - is that actually how you want your staff to be doing things?

Finally, if I was to be banned for doing exactly what someone had done to me, why would this be lmfao? That's called 'unfair' - should learn what it means. Going off of what CJW said to me, as I have 4 days played, I thought I wouldn't be banned - which is fair to assume no, considering that's the treatment that the RDMer recieved.

How is 4minutes too long at all. Your sit literally took triple that to even reach a conclusion. Does that mean your sit's too long? I'm pretty sure, that if someone was to mass rdm, then log out before they could be put in a sit they would still be banned. Even if it is 'too long' the way you handled the situation was still not right - literally said straight to me that as he was a player who is active you won't do anything.


Right ok let me say I didn't spectate the whole sit, I was actually flickering between you and Ted Begundy which I had made clear in pms to blast as my first thought was that you had came in with Alpano with intent to mingle around the server. After reading that you were in a sit I swapped around to you and started spectating. This was the reason CJW said hold on because I pmed him about the sit. This was also the reason that the sit took longer as I wanted the information to make sure that you were not doing anything that you shouldn't be.

This is also the reason I wanted to bring you quickly as I answered your question to get back to Ted Begundy as previously stated. After Ted Begundy left I also continued to spectate you until you left while by the mines.

For saying that I would ban you and not ban him and that would be unfair, you had pretty much said that you would do it so completely wouldn't believe that you didn't know the rules considering the way you had asked it before.

I never saw CJW say he wouldn't ban due to his playtime? If this is in the evidence already provided could you point it out because I genuinely don't see it. Besides, I normally give out stricter punishments to players with more play time as they should know the rules better than newer players.

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Right I was pd raiding and I told you that I were fine staying in if you didn't get in the way (you were a citizen) you got in the way so I shot you I was pd raiding so I can kill anybody in pd I have a screenshot of staff Luk3xx saying that what I did was fine so tell me if you want to see it. With the ltap I knew what I was doing wasn't punishable but the reason I left wasn't because of what I did it was because I've spent long on the server during the weekend so any longer on the pc my ass would be red after being hit with a belt
Please reply if what I did was wrong as it will help me from doing it again
[Image: tumblr_neune7PFNY1shmmm1o1_400.gif]


I never said I am not going to ban him as he has a good play time??? I just think what joelt said how can we know if he LTAP if he left 4 mins after he could have just had to go he doesn't have to stay on the server so he doesn't get banned If he needed to go he should be allowed to go without someone wanting him banned for LTAP.



You stated your reasons to why you did not choose to ban the player in this screenshot. I am almost certain you are biased and this is completely unprofessional as you are a staff member. You should know better and I wanted to have a good time on the server without being rudely interrupted by the player who RDMed me. You took 5 minutes to take my sit, and in my opinion, that is completely ridiculous, I highly doubt the staff takes sits quickly because my past and current experience has been horrendous. He left the game right after the RDM, and in fact, I was not even in the PD at the time. I had just joined with intent to roleplay, do you honestly think that I wanted to go through all of this? I cannot believe the process it takes for me to resolve my report, due to the stupidity of the staff team. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Joel why would you spectate me constantly? What made you think I had came on the server with intent to minge with Ted? To be quite honest with you, we did not come on the server with Alpano. He was not even on the server at the time of us joining, so I am completely unaware to why you are bringing this up. Constantly harassing members of the community is wrong in my opinion as well as making assumptions. I have also came to the conclusion you did spectate the sit, telling lies are we Johnny? You stated you did not see CJ say he was going to ban the player due to his playtime, does this mean you were spectating the first sit? Telling lies to defend your friend, I get it.

In response to the RDMer at hand, I do not care what Luke said because I am confident he did not see what had happened to me, and you were just lying in order to escape the situation.


What do you mean spectate you constantly? I have over ever spectators you today and there was no harrasing involved. I completely believed that you were friends with Alpano and even if I did make that assumption me spectating you causes no harm to you or Ted Begundy.

I did not lie at all. I have spoke to CJW once so claiming that I actually know him would be a lie. I did not spectate the whole sit and a see no reason to lie about that. I genuinely didn't see about the playtime and I'm not even sure if I was spectating at that point in time. You are making many assumptions about me as well if I am making assumptions about you.

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