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Report on Joelt0105,alieninate and Firestorm959


Your RP Name*
>> Papa Squid

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:49911743

Are you reporting Staff or Players*

What are their names*
>>Joelt0105, alieninate, Firestorm959

What are their SteamIDs
>> (J) STEAM_0:1:68705592 (A) STEAM_0:1:183789223 (F) STEAM_0:1:104762645

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

>> Ok so I was playing as a Hobo on the server building just outside of spawn. I made 2 walls, 1 at each tunnel and some hover_balls at the walk way. All of these items were no collided so that I did not block or obstruct any players movements at any time while just doing something to occupie my time. I had one admin talk to me about it but he said it was fine and from that point 3 other admins were just flying around not caring because it wasn't  doing anything. When Firestorm939 came online he became a mod on duty because the others had signed off. At this point he began telling me i was breaking 3 rules but never was able to give any rule or location to find them and kept telling me to remove my props for no reason. After a couple minutes of silence i got kicked for the reason of "Prop Spam". I immediately rejoin to confront the admin on why i was kicked removing everything i had spent my time on building but was ignored for about 10 mins until another admin came on to help me. alieninate was the admin that came online and i explained everything that happened but firestorm refused to talk until about another 10 minutes later of me asking for the rules and asking why i was kicked for prop spam. After about another 10 mins i had 3 admins infront me while i explained what happened as kindly as possible. I was then told that Joelt0105 Told Firestorm to kick me for prop spam ( he/she was never even in the server to say anything to me ) But the admins kept refusing to tell me what rules i was breaking and for what reason i was kicked for prop spam. a few mins of talking to the 2 admins firestorm959 flew away and i was warned for staff disrespect when i said nothing wrong which got me kicked a 2nd time. By that time i was mad and logged back on saying in ooc " kicked 2 times for no reason ofc" at that point alieninate brought me back the the roof just to ban me for 2 days for MASS staff disrespect and Not listening to staff when i did nothing wrong. Their were multiple other people that watched the entire thing go down but unfortunately my video was corrupted when my computer shut off  and i do not remember their names so i hope they come on forums to support this report. 

These are the only photos that saved 
[Image: F97DFCE2C9D4CC75DD991E8158DD3BAAEFF989A3]
[Image: BBA7062491E7EAE74121F135B9857FE7793D3760]
[Image: E286E682C6B67BFAD8B3C37535B6C4A45528707E]


Will get all 3 to reply.

It is however pretty late, so expect replies tomorrow.


>"I didn't say or do anything wrong"
>admits to staff disrespect in the ban appeal

No wonder you got kicked twice, you disrespect as you wish and then mask it with a "I didn't say anything wrong."

Why is Joel even getting reported here when you yourself, said that he didn't say a word to you? He was just asked for an advice in the matter.

You were told to remove your props by a staff member, you didn't comply and you got kicked. :o

I'm sorry but this is just my point of view on the situation. I cannot deal with it because for some reason Joel is included but yeah I'll leave it to Blast.


i said nothing disrespectful enough to get kicked banned or warned i simply gave them the attitude they were giving me from when the situation began. So honestly no i didnt do anything wrong. im reporting joel because fire said that he/she said to just kick me . their for they told them to kick me and they did. I didnt have to remove my props i did nothing wrong. i broke no rules and no players even reported it. it bothered nobody.

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I did ask joelt for approval so stuff like this doesn't happen. But this always happens with some people. I am doing thing from my phone so I dont have the recordings on here but tomorrow when I make a real comment it will include the staff disrespect twords alien, soap , joelt,  and mostly me. I am doing my job as a night shift staff member , I have to deal with people like you every day. So dont think that you can get away with this. This is only part 1, part 2 will be done tomorrow.

More to add, do not come on the server and only have 4 hours on it and say that you know more of the rules or anything about this server compared to all of us you mentioned.
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 


Ill be waiting


I did tell Firestorm to kick you. The reason was firestorm asked for someone else to come on who can remove the prop which would be a admin or above. At this time, all admins+ were not available and I trust that firestorm understands the rules and if you were not listening the only ability he has is to kick. Below are the messages that are sent when firestorm asked if anyone else can come on.


No messages from me were removed at all and the only information that I had was that you were breaking the rules and refused to move your props. Firestorm wasnt in the wrong here but I wish to wait for his response before responding any further.


Okay, so you’ve included me in this report... why??? I didn’t kick. ban or warn you. You asked for my help. You said to me “I have complaints about your staff team.”, I listened to your complaints and most of them was you shitting on the staff team.

I’m confused why i’ve been included in the report as all I did was listen to you verbally abuse Fire and the whole staff team. I tried to help by saying my opinion on the matter, all I said was “Joelt is the senior admin, I trust his word. It’s not up to me as I wasn’t there when it happened.”.

You also lied to me a couple of times. When I asked what was wrong you told me that Fire warned and kicked you, he never warned you. You also said that you were reporting me for player disrespect, when I asked “how am I disrespecting you?” you couldn’t give me an answer. You also haven’t mentioned me “disrespecting” you in this report, so that’s just a straight out lie.

Honestly, your ban is completely deserved. You only have like 4 hours play time and half of it is you shitting on the staff team. You told me and Fire that the seniors are stupid for accepting us. You also criticised Joelt, saying that he doesn’t know the rules and that he shouldn’t have his role. When Soap came over to help, you said “Is this a mod that is actually useful?”. You were also extremely cocky throughout the sit, boasting on how your going to report the whole team, saying you’d do much better than all of us. Your attitude towards us was disgusting and I have no sympathy for you. I believe your ban should stay. Also i’d like to know why i was included in the report.

wrote this on my phone in school, sorry for the mistakes.
[Image: Help_Card_Machine_Broke.png] 

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I'll jump in here.

Although I wasn't here for the issue, I have indeed seen the recordings. If it was me I would've banned you long before they guys did.

Once banned you then managed to get someone in-game to harass Firestorm asking you got unbanned, which is pretty immature of you to do. Firestorm actually got in a call with my just after this all as he was scared of what you would do next, which I wasn't. You seemed like a very angry person which would make any member of staff scared to deal with you.

You then processed to PM Firestorm on the forums and at which points he PM'ed me asking for help, hence why I PM'ed you. I almost extended your ban at that moment in time for staff harassment, but I gave you the better of the doubt. Personally believe you deserve this ban for the issue you've caused, and when a member of staff PM's 30-35 other staff, It normally means they need help so I can only imagine what he was going through.

EDIT: Firestorm requested I added these



Denied. You haven't shown ANY evidence what so ever apart from Soap, Alientate and firestorm on a roof with you, then you getting banned. Joelt told Firestorm that he can kick you if you do not reply. You have no evidence of what you was doing, so I cannot take that as anything. You say they were giving you attitude, but the videos from firestorms POV shows YOU being disrespectful. You do the "where does it say that in the rules" is it not common sense that you can't just chuck a massive no colided prop in a tunnel? You wouldn't listen, Firestorm asked for a higherup to help. He told him that "If he doesn't remove them kick em." Your attitude in the whole thing was inappropriate and you constantly came across as being rude. They did nothing wrong in this situation.

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