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Anyone Got Any Hobbies


I Have None I Just Go School And Play On Hawk
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Eat food. Im really good at this hobbie Big Grin
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*Play guitar
*Play on my shitty laptop

bout' it.


Riding my motorbike
Does getting tattoos count as a hobby?
Riding bikes
Playing football
Playing basket ball


+im a car fan

I really enjoy drifting and cant wait to get my own car so I can do the driving rather than going out late to street drift with friends!
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Welp, here are some for me:
- Drawing (both PC and traditional, drawing for ludic purposes and also commissions)
- Playing football (I do coaching for money to pay rent)
- Swimming (I compete in national stuff)
- Studying (yeah, quite a workaholic myself)
- And obviously playing games on PC Tongue
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Play drums, make music, make art and staff on hawk lol
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I like chicken
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That's The Best Hobbie
Hey Im Jamie. Im Known As Cynicalz 
Operator - Big Boi  (My Phrase [Weoooooooo] xD)

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