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Fave songs!


Have you got any songs you just love listening to and wouldn't get tired of listening to them in loop? Maybe it is just the lyric of it, might be the beats or just brings good old memories from the past :3

For me, I would say it is "Piano Man" by Billy Joel it just reminds me of the few friends I had during my childhood and I just love listening to it ~.~

Feel free to leave yours in posts and also do feel free to explain why! ^-^
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I like most pop/remixed songs, nightclub songs as come call them.

Not a fan of rock or anything, just up-to-date dance/pop/remix music


I Mainly Listen To Hippie Sabotage They Are Pretty Good
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I like remixes
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Every single Pink Floyd song
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This is home by cavetown


Right now my favorite song is Supernova by Ansel Elgort.

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