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Hard Candys Staff ap no 1


'Ello, gonna me a +rep from me.
Although you are young, you put a lot of effort into this application and are very mature at times. Your playtime is quite good and low warns for that. I've only ever had one problem with you and it was just s t u p i d. You are friendly and an absolute laugh to be around. You know some ULX commands and are very active IG. You do need to be a bit more active on the discord and just act a t i n y bit more mature. Goodluck mate!
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Ty Fito I will take your advice on board
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i don't know why people are putting immature he does mess around but not immature as far as i have seen.
[Image: 2018-06-25_08h09_59.png]HI


Knows ulx
Server score high
Seems nice

Been banned before
Haven't seen him on the server
Pretty young

Over all>+REP


Ty loolerboom
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Some Ulx knowledge
Decent detail
Playtime/server score
Has been banned before
Overall +rep
Eben tho you have been banned, i think you should have a chance in the staff team.
Good Luck!
plez +rep me I'm Mr.Lonely


..messaged staff in dms asking for a comment

me no likey


Denied. You have not made any effort on the forums or discord to try speak and show activity, as soon as you posted your application, you dropped off the grid. You may reapply once you show you're going to be active again.
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Please +rep or your triple gay
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