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Making the gang system a bit more in depth.

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I think that instead of just having 12 slots I think you should be able to buy slots instead for example

3 slot gang - 10k
Upgrade to 5 slots - 20k
Upgrade to 7 slots - 20k
Upgrade to 10 slots - 25k
Upgrade to 12 slots 25k
Upgrade to 15 slots 50k

I also think that we should be able to have up to 15 people in a clan instead of 12

I am also by no way saying I don't like the gang system now, im just saying I think that by being able to work up to more slots gives you an extra thing to do on the server!
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I think it a really cool concept, the server should really add this.


Does nobody remember KW clan?
And also, because of the inflation, 50k is almost nothing.


The limit is set for a reason, clans used to run around raiding bases with like 20 people which is no fun for anyone. The limit is fine as it is and in my opinion shouldn’t be change.


I feel like you could add a few more slots on, but add a maximum amount of people for raids to keep it balanced
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Denied. There's a reason why gangs are limited to 12, it's balance. You could have a gang of 15 people running around, yes you could say "it's only three more!" but three more people in DarkRP means A LOT. I feel gangs are fine how they are with the size.

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