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ban appeal


Your RP Name

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
NLR RDM RTAP Incooperative in sit minging.

Ban Duration?*
5 days.

Why should you be unbanned?* 
I shouold be unbanned because i only did one of those things, i will admit that i did RDM the swat guy. I just started my base up bought a printer. A swat comes in and scanned my base and started raiding me. I got killed and removed my base because i was salty. I ran back he started yelling at me from haha noob and i killed him. I quit the game and thought at myself i need to do that sit so i rejoined. Once in the sit they said nothing so i spawned in a ball and startde playing with that. I get so sick of ADMINS WHO DONT HAVE MICS. So i said nothing back and they typed barely and they did not TELL ME AT ALL AT THAT POINT what i did wrong a few seconds later i was banned for 5DAYS.

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You must be joking lmao

I scanned your base, you were shouting cocky stuff while I was bursting through the door. I successfully killed you, and destroyed your printers while you were deleting your base.
A minute later I walk in the street just to get shot down by you and noticed you left instantly after that just to reconnect 3 minutes later.

The second I brought you, you started screaming "oh no you raided my base" with some other gibberish and refused to answer Luke's questions while playing with a prop. You also attempted to evade the sit about 2 times until I froze you.

Your logic is unhealthy.
"the admins didn't talk so all of my rule-breaks are justified"
"I reconnected after purposely breaking about 3 rules so they could tell me what I did wrong"
"I refused to cooperate / pay attention and got banned for 5 days wtf men"

(06-10-2018, 05:35 PM)Gunter Wrote: I ran back he started yelling at me from haha noob

Shall I also warn you for lying to staff? I alt-tabbed during that time and heard you kill me.


Basically what Kai said ^^^
You were not cooperative at all, we I said about banning, you responded with ' I don't care'.
Got the big oof...


Denied, you admitted to rdming which shows you understood the rules, you also admit to leaving after rdming, you admit to not being helpful during a sit just because he wasn't using a mic. Finally, you admit to saying you broke nlr saying that you "ran back".

I'm going to give you a verbal for lying to staff as there is no video evidence of this happening however when you killed him Kai was talking in the discord.

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