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So ive opened up 300 boxes and these are results

100 boxes opened 

Number of 10k: 49

Number of 20k: 38 

Number of revolvers: 7

Number of Tommy guns: 2

Number of 1 million: 2

Number of scoped pistols: 1 

Number of spaz 12s: 1 

After i opened 100 i sold all the money and got rid off all the guns and i made a profit of 1 mill

200 boxes 

Number of 10k: 55

Number of 20k: 35

Number of revolvers:3

Number of tommy guns:4

Number of 1 million: 1

Number of scoped pistols: 2

Number of spaz 12s: 0

I did the same selling all the guns and had a loss of 200k

And the final set

Number of 10k: 66 

Number of 20k: 26

Number of revolvers: 3 

Number of Tommy guns:4

Number of million: 0

Number of scoped pistols: 1

Number of spaz 12s:0

sold everything and had a loss of 1.2mill

So i did a quick avg (mean) of these numbers and got 




Tommy gun=3.3


Scoped pistol=1.3

and the spaz 12=0.3

So there is the numbers of stuff i got after 300 boxes
[img][Image: Rrr3Vas.gif][/img]




Tfw I have 2 spaz 12's in 150 boxes
[Image: jif.gif]


i have opened 300 and i got a 10k
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I Agree that we need to change our crate system the chances are way to low unless we can alter the chances or make more crates.
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