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false ban

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Your RP Name
>> enormesukkel/ap04

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
>>maj.kz basil

What is the stated reason?*
>> ''MRDM'' ''LTAP''

Ban Duration?*
>>4 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> i just recently came back from an 2 week ban, the reason was that i was pretending afk in a sit while i was moving. these things can happen and I thought allright its fucked but i will sit out my time. 
after my return and having fun i logged off and killed a friend of mine before i logged off. for some reason i got banned for ''MRDM'' '' LTAP'' which is clearly unfair, i have already learned my lesson from the 2 week ban and banning me again for no reason isnt helping, this is my favorite server and i am having very much fun. i am hoping to be unbanned so i can play again quz now i dont want to play gmod anymore since i on;y play on that server. hoping for a reaction - Alano-19



Will get to respond, also I'm pretty sure you meant Basil not Brasil and the steamid is suppossed to be steam32 id (STEAM_0:0:97261054) so fix that
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[Image: GCxrjuy]Hey! I’d like to present a screenshot of why I thought you happened to be MRDMing. I had been in for a sit about RDM where you had killed a certain user. When searching for your kill logs, I noticed you had killed around 9 people in a matter of 18 minutes, 5 of them being in a span of 2 minutes. From checking your jobs, you didn’t have any jobs that were allowed to kill many people (such as a terrorist). After verifying with a higher up, you were banned for MRDM and LTAP.

The reason I do not believe that you did not kill your “friend” is because the last person you killed before leaving was the person that reported you, causing me to see your immense amount of kills in a short span of time and banning you.

The screenshot is attached. If I missed anything and you happened to be innocent, I’m sorry, but the amount of kills you had had was unbelievable in the time that you had killed them.



Waiting for a reply from OP.

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If its was unrightfull to kill the others (which was out of selfdefense) then there would be reports of it. if it was my friend or not thats then 1 RDM. the others were out of selfdefense and if that wasnt true then they would have reported me too. I think that counts as one rdm. and punishing me for 2 weeks will have absolutly no effect on my behavior. I have learned my lesson. i hope I can get unbanned so that I can play again, this is the main server I play on in Gmod. -Alano19

those other ones were out of selfdefense and if they were not out of selfdefense then they would have reported me if it wasnt a legit kill. if its my friend or not lets count that als 1 rdm. And i know why did i not advert those selfdefense killd? simply because i didnt have time to advert. again, if those kills werent legit then they would have reported me as well. its my main server to play on and I hope to play again -Alano-19



I would like to add some additional comments before this ban appeal is closed and your ban is reduced.
The number of kills that you had during a short period of time set me off, causing me to ban you. Usually, when you see such a pattern, it is a clear indication of MRDM.
In this case, I do not have any type of proof to say that it wasn't MRDM, as I hadn't saved the damage logs nor screenshotted them. I do understand that this may have been self-defense. I still do not understand why there were 5 people attacking you in a matter of only 3 minutes, but if you are correct, they may have been self-defense.
On the other hand, you do not need to advert self-defense kills as it is allowed in the law. In the future, you do not need to advert that.

For the RDM against a friend, don't do that again. You shouldn't be killing any type of friend and then leaving. Killing your friend can be considered FailRP as you are not following RP by killing your friend for the reason, which I assume, to be for fun. This would also count as RDM as you proceeded to log off, not bothering with the sit. Killing your friend, in this case, was reported and they wanted you warned for RDM.

In the future, I strongly suggest you do not kill your friend merely for the fun of it and proceed to log off. It can be considered LTAP, which in this case it was, and RDM as well. For the other 7 kills you had, I cannot disprove you on your claim of defense, yet I can say that it is very unlikely for 5 people to attack you in 2 minutes and you had to defend yourself from waves of them. Your ban will be shortened, and hopefully, you will have learned a lesson from your previous ban and this one (by which I mean, don't kill a friend and log off).

Otherwise, have fun playing!



As already stated, your ban will be shortened as I have spoke to basil in discord beforehand about this and we have reached this conclusion.
And it will only be shortened as you still left after the last kill when you were reported and you didn't disaprove it was RDM.
So LTAP | RDM ban will stay
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