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Jake got false banned for the 12th time today



Can I please have evidence of the propabuse? So far only the rape joke was mentioned while there are other reasons to his ban.

If the NITRP ban for the rape joke, which in that case he wasn't told to stop - the ban is not valid.
I'd like more detail please.


Propabuse, harassment of players and pretty vile and inappropriate launange is all enough for a NITRP ban.


Where is the "Propabuse" and what was so vile that was worth a ban? How can he harass someone if he is getting picked up and dragged about every 10s
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Can some action actually be taken against the staff who false ban this time, every time i get false banned I'm forced to stop playing for no apparent reason and they get off without even something as little as a telling off.
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Here is a vid of what i mean

And there is the context of the rape joke
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I've been shown all evidence for each reason for the ban and came to a conclusion that Jake was banned unfairly.

Propabuse - He was being dragged out by someone who's cloaked, waving a prop around and being completely harmless. The only action I'd take for it is a verbal unless it's some serious propabusing, though I'm still unsure why is he being dragged out of a district by a ghost without a word. Propabuse is exploiting a certain prop's physical mechanics and features such as size or shape to gain advantage during Roleplay, a fair example for it would be using a big prop to climb to a roof.

Being Annoying - Jake was clearly joking around. Not a word came out and went through his ear telling him he needs to stop. In-fact, the staff members who dealt with the situation found it entertaining - which confuses me. Again, the least I would give Jake for it is a verbal and a gag at best. Classifying joking around as NITRP seems unneeded, it's obvious people are playing to have fun and Jake surely assumed everyone were having fun while he was being dragged out and screaming rape ironically. I wouldn't even call it a point of a view.

Accepted. Jake will be unbanned.

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