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maybe we could get a kidnapper job with baton sticks that knock people out that would be good and when they get knocked out you could pick them up same way as a prop


There is no point having a kidnapper job when thieves already have the ability to kidnap through the /kidnap command.

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I mean, criminals can kidnap using /kidnap already, there is no real point in actually creating yet another criminal job such as a kidnapper.


not needed.
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I’ve seen multiple kidnapper suggestions which have all been denied since the community didn’t like it
I even saw a joke on one of the saying something like not or Mac will make a ban appeal.



I do think its meaningless
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No need
Huh flame
going for mod+


Thieves can do /kidnap. Maybe add a baton that knocks people out to the weaponry store and sell it as a weaponry dealer.
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