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More Crates

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I think that having more crates beside the regular one we have would be really interesting.

Having a crate that has a RARE chance of getting a Decent pistol(or any gun) and it being permanent would be great as well.
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More crates with be nice as not many people use the crate system at the moment.
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I like to idea of 50/50
You can either get a very bad item that is worth nothing and isnt permanent
Or a permanent gun, if thats too much, then maybe any good item thats not permanent
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-Rep Too Easy To Get Perma Weapons , The Weapon Market Would Be Unused.

But I Think We Should Add More Crates I Just Dont Think They Should Be Perma.
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-rep As Diego said there are already perm weapons in the spawn market so there isn't any need for perm crate boxes unless you want to pay real money for them.
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we need more crates just not perm weapon crates as that would break the economy.
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More crates are currently being looked into, just sorting out other things like lag and crashes before that.


+rep, more crates. We need those,nobody uses weapons from unboxing and its not very popular,since there is only one case and one key. And its not something for making profit or getting weapons.
I think they should make specific cases for different things. Like lets say,one for money,one for guns,etc.
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I like the idea of more crates however, they are already being worked on.

I dislike the permanent crates since it will make the weapons system boring.


we need more crates,maybe we can have creates for Premium rank only were this is some cool guns,etc..

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