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Hi so I wanted to ask you a question, creating a huge quote is ok (by doing it one by one in a single thread, like someone quote, someone else quotes the quote etc)?
If yes, please quote :3
If no REPLY to this post and say why not (totally not a way to quote).
ok bai.
don't tell kai but i steal his +reps so before he's out of +reps  can u donate me some +reps


What? What are you saying/asking? xd

Anyways I'll put a quote

"Love is blinding, friendship tries not to notice"
-Gamer Grill


"Being alone really makes you realize all you got is yourself"

Hawk Ex-Staff

Leave a +rep


“Friendship is in everything”
Got the big oof...


"oi i escaped being gassed so good luck"
Nova 2K18
Big Boi Ex Staff


"It DM"
is my favourite quote ngl
[Image: Banner_to_Alta.png]


"You have anxiety cause you are gay"
CatOnWeirdStuff 2k18
Meme master Cat


(11-10-2018, 03:43 PM)CatOnWeirdStuff#2574 Wrote: "You have anxiety cause you are gay"
CatOnWeirdStuff 2k18

excuse me are you stealing my quote layout?
Big Boi Ex Staff


he asked if we can make a quote pyramid not inspirational anti-suicide irl quotes xddd


"Go where you’re admired, not where you’re tolerated. If they don’t appreciate you, it’s time to find people who do. If you’re brave enough to say goodbye life will reward you with a new hello."

From my favourite post of all time

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