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Although I'm sure there is something in the works, I think we should do things like change the weather and the sky to make it darker and night time. Also putting Autumn trees and pumpkins around the place adds to a nice mood.
Also maybe doing a Halloween purge? I think that would be quite fun, everyone dressed up as like a thief jug or master thief, running around killing people!
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Makes the server look more Halloweenish



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It would seriously seem very nice,and would add to the server.
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Maybe not the MRDMing nor the skins, but trying the night time sky and the trees along with the pumpkins would be a cool and simple addition that could add up to the mood.
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-rep for the purge since that's literally just a server wide deathmatch.
+rep for the sky, will look pretty swag and will get everyone in le mood
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+Rep for the idea and cosmetics
-Rep for the MRDM ting, is DarkRP not Deathmatch
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+Rep for..
-Cosmetics and items


MRDM / Purge deathmatch isn't a good idea IMO.
Also, the sky causes extreme lag. Similar to adding a day/night mod.
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I saw how u were building it In game , maybe u can help tasid build or whoever does that shit , +rep x


+rep to all of this (even the Purge one).

The purge for like an hour on halloween would be cool and maybe have no-purge zones.

I don’t know, I kinda liked the idea tho
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-rep for the purge
+rep for the halloween decor etc.

Would be great if we had a nice event for Halloween tho

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