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Adding Yggdrasil bot


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>>Discord Server / Players

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>>https://bots.discord.pw/bots/247283454440374274 "Yggdrasil" is a bot that, eh, who cares let's get to the point.
That bot is awesome and it will add a LOT of fun to the Discord server, this bot got a lot of systems like 1v1 systems with pictures, memes, fun!
Why not have a bot that can do a little bit more then Dank Memer?

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> Well, it's a way better then Dank Memer in a lot of stuff, it got a newer system lol.
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As I stated on the Discord group chat, I find it useless, and, to be honest, it only comes to my mind that all you want is the "1 vs 1" feature, besides, there are enough bots with the same functions on the server, doesn't really have anything too interesting and I can only see it has some limited functions if you discard the speakerphone stuff, useless in the server, and the soundboard which would probably end up being restricted as it could be considered trolling. Removing those, what it offers is really nothing new.
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Dank memer is good enough and I don't think we need anymore commands. Also, alot of people already have alot of progress like economy ect on dank memer and it would be pretty annoying for those people if we just swapped it out for a new bot.
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Pretty pointless considering as generic said,
We have dank memer. no point for a new bot
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Simply not needed, just use dank memer
If you’re not satisfied by that just create your own discord server


Dank memer works, make your own server if you want this bot : )
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A new bot is not needed
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-rep I feel like the bots we have on the discord right now are ok. I have never had any experience with this not either so I would prefer sticking with bots I know


-rep I have never heard of this bot,so i dont really know how i feel about it,also what Generic said,he got a point.It seems that Dank memer is enough.
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Dank Memer is fine, there is constant updates to it and there are a lot of commands that people enjoy on it. Another nice aspect is that a lot of servers use it and the currency and progression carries over to them.

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