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Is this allowed?


Well, this afternoon, I came across this base after countering a raid that was being done to it:

After killing the raider (Exhility), I noticed him saying on OOC chat that there were no keypads and at first glance, there weren't (photo was taken after the base was edited but it was even less visible than now), but then I noticed a little rectangle peaking out from the fence, which also made it even more camouflaged. When an admin (Flamee) was called it was left as the screenshot shows, but I do not really agree this is completely fine as it would still be unfair for raiders and also would be in conflict with rule 11 from the building rules:
"11. Keypads and buttons need to be right next to the fading door they are operating. They must be visible and fake keypads aren't allowed."

I will leave the rest to be discussed down here as not much of an answer was given to me.
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I wouldn't quite go and say they're not visible, but they're definitely not visible enough.


(12-10-2018, 03:18 PM)Blast^^ - Hawkservers.co Wrote: I wouldn't quite go and say they're not visible, but they're definitely not visible enough.

I mean, before it was edited, only half the keypad's screen could be seen, that and it being in conflict with rule 11 anyway.
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raiders perspective


(12-10-2018, 03:28 PM)ExhiIity Wrote: [Image: ecyQhXL.jpg]
raiders perspective

Exactly, this kind of thing is pretty unfair for the raiders as they have to find the keypad while being shot at by the base members and also, getting to crack it is quite difficult as they are so buried in the prop that the cracker does not really get what you are aiming at.
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Its not allowed no, The situation was already dealt with in game and they had been told to fix it
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Four things are wrong here;
- They're definitely not putting in your keypad code in RP situations (literally impossible, since you can't access the keypad), which reeks of FDA
- Kool Kids Klub is definitely created to fit the acronym "KKK", so that should not be the name of their clan/base/whatever...
- Having the keypad down that low and that far back creates only one location raiders can be, giving the same effect as a one-way does
- The keypad is hidden but should be in clear sight, both for fairness' sake and to stop the tons of sits being called over there not being a keypad

So, yes, very little about this base is allowed.


this seems unfair so i would say no
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I would say, its unfair and they are not putting in keypad codes so failRP.


This seems like an unfair base so personally i'd say no this is not allowed
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