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I would like to becom staff ecsus my writing


Hi ther admins and or owner! i would like to becom a staff memeber. I have been in on the servers for a few weeks i think? Any ways. i relly lov the servers i love the staff and i would like to join them. i think i have i kinda friend Diego.

I have been just respectful to every andmin i meet exept one time i mad a mistake and got a wrarning. i have been frendly to any one i met and got a VIP friend i call him *Sharky* i speak better englesh then a writt. i would just like to 

say i love your servers and i want to be appart of your wonders her is my steam profil https://steamcommunity.com/id/Craftloly/


sounds like a proper lad

also use the template
[Image: 1796356.gif]


Denied no


is that kyle

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