should i come back?

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After a long time away from the server I think it may be time for me to return I apologise for my actions in the past but this is a new Stephen.

should I return to hawk?


It dm
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Abused twice - come back as a casual player sure, but as staff, no.
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but what did you do to old steven
i am mildly concerned

i guess it DM tho

yeah player is fine but you're gonna need to prove you really are a new steven before returning as staff


Male Kitty is bad..
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(12-10-2018, 08:11 PM)✘ Jake ✘ Wrote: Male Kitty is bad..



You should come back as a chill casual player my dude
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Yes please, also bring back the voice chat parties
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By all means, come back as a casual player, but if you are wanting staff. It might be a bit more tricky.
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