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Got warned for "Angle abuse" (Missunderstandings and more)

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Your RP Name*

>> Ceron

Your SteamID*

>> STEAM_0:0:58918645

What is the reason of the warn?*

>> Angle abuse (not in rules + claimed to be a misstake)
Rdm x2 (claimed to be a misstake)
Rdm (claimed to be a misstake)
Disrespect (claimed to be a misstake)

Who warned you?*

>> 4 people or well 4 warns.

What are their SteamIDs?

Don't know that.

What happened* (Give us as much detail as possible, including evidence. If this is an older one it can be harder but try to best explain it then in your reasoning.)

>> Okay so just played with my friends on DarkRP and I shot a person in a angle that he didn't think of which were by hes feets. By that time I raided he did the same stupid thing by shooting me instead and I got warned for it. Read the rules by typing !rules and !motd and I have been playing Gmod DarkRP for above 1000hrs atm. 
When there is not written rules they are made up and people get warned for stupid rules such as this. Not only I asked nice if Ciaran (The one who warned me) could just verbal warn me but he said that he'll rechat with me. By that time I was waiting about 5-10 min and when he was done with that sit he was in he just left...
This is a stupid thing to make the decision that not just tell me to not do it again and put it in my profile so it looks like iv'e been a "bad boy" on the server.

Btw got warned 3 times before that on 1 day which all the admins were acting strange by saying "This warning is a missunderstanding" Then I really "Why not move it away" then they tell me that I should make an forum post on this, which made me think that not even the forum will help if I will suffer with all these "MISSUNDERSTANDING warns"

Total warns:
Angle abuse 

Total "Missunderstanding" warns:
Angle Abuse

Why are the admins not these warns away, is it because they are lazy or just do not care. The way I see it there were no other solutuion to just make this long forum thread about my hole day that just got worse and worse with the missunderstanding facts I've got. I thought by first my speaches were honestly the answer to solve some of the admins to rethink about giving out these warnings not only for me, even for others that always thinks about it this way I do. We are just players that are following the rules and keeps getting shit about nothing, which is not a misstunderstanding how I see it. 

Make Hawk Staffs Great Again! (Only the missunderstanding type)

Short example:
Btw my own belives are that if you get warned by something another person can just walk away with it because some of the staffs do not react on their own belives of what they were experensing with another person just a while ago. Which means that if I get warned for "Disrespect" (Missunderstanding) and then I call an admin and said "I've got some proff that claims this guy called me a Bitch in the chat" which that admin respond he could not do anything about the situation and I should make a forum thread about it. Which I thought should sound ridiculous but I did it anyway in this reply.
This actually happend to me and btw I was role playing a Cribs Leader and thought the police who called me something such was like a bitch too, just made me wanted to say "Hey bitch! Stop officer, stop running"
That person claimed later that he only did the report because when he warned me to step away from him which I reacted quick and killed him, got him so angry that he reported to staff for calling him a bitch.
Then another higher staff came along and asked me for proff of him shooting me first to remove my warn or just claim that he had a weapon out, which I claimed in a /pm (Private message x2) + called him in the "@" which all admins see's. Buuut... He never replied to it and I still got the warn. 
ffs.. -.-


I warned you twice.

Once for Angle abuse. You were shooting underneath the fence of a base.
I was told to warn you for this.

And the single RDM. You killed someone for no reason at all. Player provided enough evidence for me to warn you on BOTH of these.

You received loads of warnings today. Your new. I suggest you read ALL of the rules THOROUGHLY cause so for you have left a terrible impression.
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You just admitted to angle abuse, there's no misunderstanding.
You also provided zero information for the template.

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