Hawk Servers

Ban Appeal


Your RP Name
>> Levi

Your SteamID
>> https://steamcommunity.com/id/Xx_Levi_xX/

Who banned you?
>> he Didn’t get the name

What is the stated reason?
>> NITRP / / LTAP // Minge

Ban Duration?
>> 5 days

Why should you be unbanned?
>>and yeah i’m not levi i’m Warve on the server appealing a friend for his ban
When i introduced him to the server he had just got gmod not 10 minutes before hand and had no clue how to play at all i was teaching him a bit for the 30 minutes i was on we had a fairly small base but when i got off a few hours later he had gotten ban he didn’t know he couldn’t have printers while being a dj and he was banned shortly after being raided but yeah overall hes new af and he doesnt want to appeal but i want my friends to be able to join me so i can get him into the server and understand the rules of darkrp and the server


I was the one who reported him to the staff, he was a DJ and owned printers, which already breaks the rules, furthermore, he was "building" so two birds with one stone were killed. The guy was then brought to a sit and I believe he DC'd in the middle of it. I can't confirm the minge and NITRP part, though.
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Will get Luke to respond.


Hi, sorry I do not remember this incident. Can you tell me some more details? How long ago was it?
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it was the night of 10-12-18 and we were joining and he told me he got banned i asked him why and he said "REASON : NITRP / / LTAP // Minge" and he bought the game that afternoon wasnt 10 minutes after him buying gmod that i showed him the server i was teaching him stuff and i had to get off and apparently got banned somewhere around mid-night for having printers as a dj what i want to point out is as far as i know is he was given no warning just a ban i can see being banned for ltap but no warning to nitrp and minge. and one more thing hes never been on any darkrp much less any server at all besides hawk


Okay, well that is why I do not remember. You should have put this up way sooner. Sorry, I cannot comment on this really as I do not remember the incident, I do not ban for no reason though. In the future, please do ban appeals soon as the staff is busy and we will not remember singular incidents from more than one or two days ago.
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Accepted. Please appeal your ban ASAP, don't take so long so it's still fresh in their minds.

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