Hawk Servers

Ban Appeal


Your RP Name
>> Apollo 11

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
>>  Luk3xx

What is the stated reason?*
>> Mass RDM

Ban Duration?*
>>2 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
So i was banned for Mass RDM and the whole thing was about me and my friends killing each other for fun and then we got told that we were getting banned for 2 weeks for MassRDM, I know its a Rule but I Really think i should get a Warning if its just Killing my friends and not like Random Players. If u can Plz unban (if i HAVE to wait the 2 weeks I can but I just want to let this out)
[Image: 1795212.gif]


Denied.... you're killing your mates. This is a ROLE PLAY SERVER. Not a deathmatch server. You want to kill them? Go onto a server hosted by you.

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