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My Store - The story about customers


As with every store, everyone can have a few stories.
And since running my Laundromat/Restaurant/Pawn Store/Garage/Undertaker Business I've seen a plethora of customers.
But funnily enough they all fall within 6 different types.

So introducing: The good, the bad and the ugly!

-=[ The Good ]=-
Type 1: The dedicated roleplayer.
*Customer enters store, has a look around and engages me in full roleplay*


Extra pros of Type 1 are that sometimes these people value the effort put into my store and give me money benefits, comment on how good it looks or of course continues to do business with me whilst either of us are on the server.


Type 2: The straight to business.
*Customer enters store, calls the hit and bolts it*


Extra pros of the Type 2 is that its just straight to doing what I need to do, no faffing about and no needless hanging around.


-=[ The Bad ]=-

Type 3: The empty stare.
*Customer enters store, stares straight at me welcoming them to my store and asking what they'd like - only for them to turn around and run out*


How rude of people to just not even say 'no thank you' or awknowlaging you exist, nope just run in stare emptily at you and then run out.


Type 4: The slow one.
*Customer enters store and looks around, has a good look at my signs and job, even overhears me talking about my services to another customer or sees me advertising my services; only to then say 'oh you're a hitman'*


I mean seriously, I get it that I might be too subtle for some people but when I all but tell them flat directly to the face I'm a hitman in disguise... I can't help but weep.


-=[ The Ugly ]=-

Type 5: The wait seriously?!
*Customer comes running in, looks around a good while before approaching me and then ask me if they can buy a weapon*


I'm sorry; did all the laundry machines, dinner tables, car parts and other props not give it away.
I'm sorry; did my massive sign outside not give it away.
I'm sorry; did my job nam... oh fuck it.


Type 6: The why am I even trying?
*Customer runs in, spends time around my store getting the gist of what I can do; agrees to come back when they have money or a target for me ... only to then call a hit with the first best hitman they find outside; sometimes even one standing in my store next to them*

Me: ...

Not even a reaction image to that, how could they the bastards.


I've only been to your store twice, but which one am I?


(15-10-2018, 10:44 PM)Milk Wrote: I've only been to your store twice, but which one am I?

That would require me to keep records of customers, clearly a man of my employment cannot keep such notes around.
I would figure you know very well yourself which type you are.


Hey yeah, so 10 shipments of sticky grenades please.


henlo i'd like to purchase a BORGER


Then there is me, the one who just acts like an innocent citizen, not really getting to the dark side of your business, giving you my pants or tuxedo which have a wine stain (just to appear a bit rich as it sounds better than it being a tomato stain) and then just leave 20k and never return for them.
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Yep. I for sure fall into Type 2.
[Image: HunksignatureSeAd.png]


can i purchase a pussy please.



Customer stereotypes with stormy episode 1 part 1
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The next time you kill me from a hit, I will murder you with words.
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