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Loyal Rebellion (LR) | Gang Dissolved

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There is a new clan in town.
Loyal Rebellion. (LR) You get 100K join reward after 3HRS of being in the clan. And up to 250K weekly rewards.
Below is the application to join our awesome server!!

The ranks:

Ranks in this colour you will get after a certain requirements

Rank in this colour you have to apply for


Premium Member

Head of Staff

Meme Monitor









Have 1D+ Playtime on Hawk.

Active on discord

Good knowledge of Hawk rules

Have discord

Anything marked with a * MUST be answered. Application:

*In-Game Name:

*Discord Name and ID: (JohnSmith#1234)

*Server Playtime:


*D.O.B (Date of Birth):

*Are you active In-Game:

*Are you active on discord:

*Do you have a mic:

*Previous Clans:

Role you possessed:

*Tell us a bit about yourself:

*Why do you think you would be a good member of LR:

Any last comments:

It takes up to two days for a staff member to review applications. 

Good luck to all of you whom applied and may we be seeing you in our clan.

On being accepted you will be DM'd a link to our discord chat.
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Good luck with the clan
A promise is a promise until its broken 



(16-10-2018, 07:06 PM)Flame (2) Wrote: Good luck with the clan

Thank mate
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Hello, welcome to the world of clans!
As a clan leader you will probably have a lot more fun on Hawk interacting with more people.
As a clan leader you have to make sure to adhere to some rules that can be found here

Have fun and good luck with the clan!
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Closed Temporarily due to no relies. Will re-open in a week or so.
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Re-Opened. Recruitment drive begins.
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Closed Permanently. The gang will soon be closed as there has been no replies or applications. If you do still wish to apply PM me on discord with the app filled out.
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The gang seems fine but the owner could be someone better.


No. We only have 5 members including me. 2 of whom don't even have G-Mod yet. Gang Perma Closed. PM if still want to join.
(02-11-2018, 02:11 PM)LolkoCZ Wrote: The gang seems fine but the owner could be someone better.
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*In-Game Name: Lil Zmir

*Discord Name and ID: rom_totach#1543

*Server Playtime: 1D 22H

*Warns: 0

*D.O.B (Date of Birth): 05/10/2002 (October 5th)

*Are you active In-Game: Yes

*Are you active on discord: Yes

*Do you have a mic: Yes

*Previous Clans: Not really

Role you possessed:

*Tell us a bit about yourself: I like to play on the server, good student, have a lot of time to play. I am a senior-owner on HawkServers if you know what it is it's a gmod darkrp server.

*Why do you think you would be a good member of LR: I know the rules and never break them, and I'm not toxic. I also have base dupes that are pretty much unaidable and it'll be good to base there.

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