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Luk3xx's Resignation

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Hello all, I will be resigning from the Hawk staff team as of now. This is very sad for me as I fucking love the people here! I have made a successful clan, I have made new friends and met a new community I thought I'd never meet. Hawk introduced me to the world of Gmod and PC gaming in general. As for my reason why it's not simple. I did not get good grades in year 9 and now I'm struggling in year 10, we now do GCSE papers very often which means I need to revise a lot. It would be unfair for me to stay because I know I could basically do nothing to help in game. I have accomplished getting over 700 sits and getting moderator which was my goal here on Hawk. I just feel I could not do my bit in the staff team, this stress alone discourages from Gmod. I still love Hawk and hope to one day return to see everyone again but for now, I cannot. 

I would like to thank:

Everyone in FB or who has been in FB-
Fresh Beans was a clan I set up which took off, most of the time we would have full members or close to. I had so much fun playing with all you lot. Hope to stay in touch through Discord and stuff.

Fito, you were such an amazing friend to me and I hope things go well for you in life. I always loved hanging out with you on games like TTT.

You were my clan manager, also my friend. I thank you for everything you have done for me, you were so nice and it was always fun to play with you.

Me and you haven't always seen eye to eye, but I feel we were friends. Ever since Kyle left and abandoned me making me feel shit, you picked me up and helped me. I hope one day you achieve manager or even CM.

You were one of the first people I met on Hawk, I loved having you there to talk and piss around with. 

Same with Kai, me and you haven't always seen eye to eye, but I respect you. Hope you keep with Hawk and make it better!

Over the past few weeks I feel me and you have become mates. I loved playing with you on roblox XD. You were there for me for a lot of stuff, so thank you. Good luck and I hope you make it to senior someday.

The rest of the staff team-
I'm getting tired writing this now so I am just gonna say this to everyone. You are a great community, I loved being in Discord calls and chats with you guys. Playing in game was also super fun. You do great for Hawk and it's just sad that I can't anymore. Keep it up.

I hope to see everyone on Hawk soon at some point. Goodbye 
This is your boy Luke, with his final 'you smelly'
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Thank you for your hard work. I know exactly how you feel.... Tomorrow, I have 2 exams, a mock English lit and a mock triple biology. Good luck with your GCSE's.


fuck luke , sad to see u go we climbed the ranks together . I Cant Believe It. Sad

See Ya Luke x
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Farewell Luke <3 Thanks for all of your work.
Hope we'll see you again!


Sad to see you leave Luke. I know you for some time now,and you are a cool guy,its ripping all of our hearts in FB seeing you leave.We had awesome time together,played all those games, like TTT,prop hunt,and such. We will never forget you,and will always be by your side.
I really dont have a lot of things to say,but its just really sad to see you go. Even tho i knew you for about a week. I hope to see you around the server sometime,and sometimes talk and maybe play.
See you luke.
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I will miss you Luk3, you have always been a great staff member. I will be looking forward to fucking around a bit more if you come on Hawk in the future. Good luck with your GCSE's and I wish you the best in everything you go on to do.

i just clocked you called me smelly at the end - take back everything i just said
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Ah luke, we had our ups and downs
Good luck with everything
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Goodbye Luke.

Although I haven't known you as a colleague for very long, I have known you as a role model. You were always helping me when I had problems in-game and when I first joined the team. I am sad to see you go and understand your troubles. I am currently doing my GCSE's and it doesn't leave me a lot of time to play and take sits. I hope you succeed on your goal and wish you all the best. I hope to see you in game soon.

Goodbye Luke. X
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I know exactly how you feel luke. Good luck with the GCSEs, hope everything works out for you.


Goodbye buddy u have been the nicest person to me on the server best of luck. Get r6 and stay in chill room I’ll miss u bro
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