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Hawk Timeline Draft 1

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First of a let me say this a a very basic timeline and only includes sources from the current hawk discord staff announcements, announcements, accepted staff applications and gangs section on the forums. I will continue to update this when I have time or when I can be bothered. The times on this may not be 100%

July 21st 2017 - Synz is accepted into the staff team

August 8th 2017 - Draig is accepted into the staff team

September 10th 2017 - Stubbo is accepted into the staff team

September 11th 2017 - Deadmonster is accepted into the staff team

September 16th 2018 - Tyler creates the RK hiring post

September 29th 2017 - Mac is accepted into the staff team

October 25th 2017 - New hawk discord created

October 28th 2017 - The first DarkRP ping in staff announcements

November 3rd 2017 - Mac was prank promoted to manager (foreshadowing)

November 5th 2017 - Deadmonster lies

November 10th 2017 - Sway demoted due to abuse

November 26th 2017 - Kenzi was demoted for abuse of powers

December 3rd 2017 - The staff team finds out Cumble and Fat Guy are twins

December 5th 2017 - Blast is accepted into the staff team

December 6th 2017 - First large KW application post

December 24th 2017 - Damien tries to leak staff info after being demoted

December 24th 2017 - Katje was accepted into the staff team

December 28th 2017 - Bahpu was accepted into the staff team Big Grin

December 31st 2017 - Rektor Nation causes major shit in the Hawk staff team and community

January 2nd 2018 - JJTallbucks is accepted

January 20th 2018 - Steven was accepted into the staff team

January 26th 2018 - Saito gets DMT manager

January 27th 2018 - Mac gets manager

February 2nd 2018 - Synz gets senior admin

February 2nd 2018 - Remora gets DMT

February 2nd 2018 - Tennis gets accepted!

February 3rd 2018 - Remora gets admin

February 9th 2018 - Cumble gets demoted due to his behavior

February 19th 2018 - Dragonz get accepted to the staff team

February 20th 2018 - Reality mass bans on the discord

February 24th 2018 - OGL is accepted into the staff team

February 28th 2018 - Blast gets admin

March 7th 2018 - Remora gets senior admin

March 23rd 2018 - Kai gets accepted into the staff team

March 30th 2018 - Blast and Shadow get DMT

April 1st 2018 - ETF is created

April 15th 2018 - The first get on and do sits ping (Many more to come)

April 17th 2018 - Beef between OGL starts with staff banning OGL staff.

May 21st 2018 - Deadmonster leaves the staff team

May 22nd 2018 - Blast, Steven and Draig all get senior admin

May 22nd 2018 - Tennis gets admin

May 25th 2018 - Synz gets manager

June 2nd 2018 - Steven is demoted down to mod+ after losing trust

June 19th 2018 - KZ is reborn

June 24th 2018 - Tyler gets community manager

June 25th 2018 - Remora gets accepted for staff again

July 1st 2018 - Bahpu and Synz gets DMT

July 4th 2018 - Joel gets accepted

July 8th 2018 - There is a staff reform that involves demotions and promotions

July 21st 2018 - Program and Delta are community banned due to exploiting cash

July 27th 2018 - Golden, Silver and bronze hawk idea is started but never followed through

July 27th 2018 - Mac and Dawg were both removed from the staff team.

July 27th 2018 - Blast gets manager

August 17th 2018 - Kyle is accepted

August 25th 2018 - Viction, Tyler and Stubbo all left the staff team

August 30th 2018 - New higher ups team with Joelt, Tennis and Kai being promoted to senior admin

September 9th 2018 - The first detailed hawk thanks

October 9th 2018 - Kyle is demoted 

If you guys have anything else that should be added please either PM on discord or reply with it below. Again this is a very basic draft from very limited sources.
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blast got manager on my birthday uwu  

and also u dont mention me like why Sad

(that was joke no trigger pls)
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lmao why did you include kyle
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You forgot when I got CM :(


(17-10-2018, 03:12 PM)Alta Wrote: lmao why did you include kyle



tfw you don't get included

ima go cry myself to sleep now
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Been staff for a long ass time damn

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how wasnt i mentioned in any of the damian/rektor nation shit Sad

September 12th 2017
Taylor gets accepted into staff ( what a fucking beast he was by the way)

December 31st 2017
Taylor gets banned for watching rektor nation on youtube. ( what a meme by the way)
me - watches a youtube video of someone minge and says its funny


me sad, me no in there
A promise is a promise until its broken 



(17-10-2018, 07:18 PM)Taylor Wrote: still waiting for my feat.

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chill lad lmao you're not a god

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