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hi, i'm prime, also known as Jackie Rhodes in-game. quite new to both the server and forums, recently won premium in a giveaway with some serious luck. may have spoke to a few people here before with my beautiful northern irish accent which i am quite egotistical about. i'll be staying for a good long while and will play in my spare time, glad to be joining the community. cheers.


Welcome to Hawk Buddy, hope you enjoy your time here on hawk.

remember if you need help, call an admin ingame or mention ONE on discord Smile
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Welcome to Hawk Servers lad Wink

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Welcome to Hawk fam, lucky giveaway winner - enjoy it!


Welcome to hawk! I am Blast, the community manager. It's nice to see a fresh face around here! If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me on discord; my tag is "! Blast#8008" i'll be happy to help :)
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Enjoy your stay, I'm from northern Ireland too, co.down have a nice time on hawk.
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Welcome in Hawk server you lucky guy :3


Hello welcome to hawk,
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