Yeah so, Im leaving for now


Nah, it's not because of the apps. Too much hate in certain stuff, I don't like it and I think even if I'll come back after a year nothing will change..
So who likes me a bit and want to say goodbye, and who gonna say I do it because of staff app or I'm a crybaby, miss ya too haters.
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


miss ya steve xx
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xx miss ya too bro sorry for what I said
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


Okay, take care and see you around
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Cya bro
The name is Maffio, Steve Maffio.


cya around b
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I will miss you. Enjoy the rests.


There's no need to leave because you got negative feedback on your application..
Anyways cya Riley


Bye Steve. You will be missed. Although I know you don't have a good relationship with others, I have known you for a while and have seen what you are like. Speak to you soon,

Ciaran Stevens xx

Remember, you have me on discord if you want to talk about anything. X
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GoodBye Steve <3
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