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Who is this suggestion targeted at? 
>> Mayor job.

What is your main suggestion?
>> If the president dies make them a citizen to add more realism in game.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> Realism and more job circulation.


I agree bc the mayor just can rush in to a battle and it dosnt do any thing and it would be more realistic than it is now


All it would cause is that Presidents would not even be able to create some decent laws.
It would be as easy as being asked for a license by anyone and then getting killed by them as they start a terror attack/PD raid.
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Fair enough I mean u are right


If you're someone like me, when they become president you think of decent laws that make sense and take up the law board. Dying and turning back to citizen wouldn't be good - Especially if you find your self using the kill command alot.

Personally I see no point of it.
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-Rep What's The Purpose , like in a terror if u die 1 time u get set to citizen u lose all the laws , Completely Useless
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If they get killed in a terror, PD raid, or RDMed, they would need to wait a timer
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Most people like me in my clan PD raid ALOT so it wouldnt be fair cos they will just wanna play properly and we just end that cos they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Plus hits are placed on presidents quite frequently.
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I believe that this has been suggested before. The main problem with it is that there is a lot of killing of the mayor, whether it be terrorist attacks, PD raids, hits or even plain out rdm. This would make mayor unfun to play
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would be really cool but terrors Sad
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