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Camera Terminals


Who is this suggestion targeted at? 
>> A terminal screen for the camera's

What is your main suggestion
>> A screen that allows you to see the camera's so you don't need to press a number and so you have more keys to bind to other important things. But you need to connect them up but there is a limited connection range.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> More realism, easier to defend because you can hear and see more easily and then you need to think more about your camera placement.



It would be good. It would make the game more like an RP. Easier access as well. Good suggestion!
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I've seen servers with this feature and I like it, however, it would cause some more lag which is not needed currently. Although it's a great and useful feature, I don't think its appropriate for Hawk right now.


I believe we had this feature in the past. It caused lag, so I believe it was removed.
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Its a very very nice idea
but could cause some lag
Its a neutral for me
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This suggestion was already made I believe in the past but I don't think anything was done with it due to the FPS issues it would cause. I know it's a nice addon and it makes it more realistic and fun for base defenders but I'll have to give this a -rep due to FPS issues.
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This is a good idea however it can cause big performance issues and may be annoying if you need to look and u can't get to the screen.
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You can already watch your own camera using the specified button, adding this would only cause a lot of lag and also drop people's FPS rates.
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Would like to see this ingame would be really efficient <3


Causes lag and isn’t exactly necessary. They’re helpful but the cons (lag and frame drops when near a terminal) out way the pros in this circumstance.

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