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Your Fav Weapon


Whats Your Fav Weapon Personaly I Like The The Awp or Db
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Double barrel
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Spas-12 init
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Definitely the MP5, although I don't play SWAT that much it's still so satisfying to use, the sound and fire rate of it is so nice along with the bullet spray, that is non existent.


Double barrel and the AWP Asimov just because of how OP they are.
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I agree DB and AWP are insanely good especially for PD raids!
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My most used weapons is probably the Jackhammer just due to it's fire rate and quite large range. However, recently j have started using the assassin weapons more often
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The buttplugs. When doing terror, it is the coolest thing to do, however, it is also nice when you are mid-shooting and run out of bullets in your MP5, just equip and start knifing 'em all.
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Double barrel or spas-12


I always use a Ithaca and Barret M9B, All the fire power you need to win 90% of battles.

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