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Your RP Name
>>AK Craigo

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>>2 Weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>I got into a little argument with my friend and we had a little death match for the meme, then another friend comes in and gets a bit cross fired and that causes him to join in too. We didn't hurt anybody, nobody even reported us. Milk comes in, and tells us to stop, i did stop, but the friends would be a little too into it and would run after me, and as i couldn't self defend enough under pressure, i had to take the chance to start the fight and get away as much as possible, and then my two friends get banned. Then i get too. This is funny because, as we are ordinary players we get punished for DMing friends. But as admins do it (i won't give names that's rude) they get away freely. It happens a lot, but i don't get to report somebody who is to meme-kill me (i.e Admin/Friend: *spawns mug* Admin/Friend: this is a mug move and ur dead Me: *turns around* Me: *gets shot*). I think that's funny, and i don't get "WOW THAT'S RDM I'M GONNA REPORT YOU TO "insert admin name here". Yet again, we didn't hurt anybody, nobody reported us. + if Milk wanted us to stop, why didn't he warn us for RDM in the first place, that seems odd innit. I don't think the ban is unfair, i just think that Milk should've warned us, and that would've made us stop. And i really don't see the point of not letting friends DM each other when admins do the same.
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When I called you guys to stop I could have banned you right there and then. However you didn’t and I was told by a higher up to ban for MRDM. I only banned dot for MRDM and not you because you guys stopped after I called you to. However, before that you guys we MRDMing each other so the ban is still valid from Console.

Secondly, us staff do NOT get away with MRDMing each other and I’m sure a lot of people can back me up on this, even seniors get demoted because of it.


I have actually never seen a staff get demoted for DMing each other, i only saw an admin get warned for RDM x2. But other than that i have never seen an admin get punished for this, except for maybe Generic.
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I don’t want to mention names but only in my time, I’ve witnessed 4 staff get punished for it.
Also I came onto the server and the kill feed is just filled with you, Dot and Zuhperr

I mean, look at this screenshot, I didn’t even type your names in the search bar and you can see that is WAY too much http://prntscr.com/lb9gcz


I'm not trying to be mean to Zuh and Dot but i was attempting to self defend, and i specified in my first post that i was under pressure and i had to start it to protect myself, again, i was trying to self defend, and i'm not trying to be mean.
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So firstly, I didn’t ban you, console did. I don’t know who was on console at the time so we have to wait for their reply. However, before that you still did MRDM


Staff get probation, and a strike, if they start deathmatching their friends. I would've though, how you three are pretty old players now, you'd know not to do it. I am willing to lower the ban to 5 days but that's it. You still broke the rules. Especially considering you're doing it in spawn. When you do it in spawn and a new guy comes onto the server, they think it's ok to do so and then do it.


Blast, thank you so much for lowering the ban. Hope to see you soon
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Ban will be lowered. Closed.

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