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Blast is an uncultured shoe and he said my name in the wrong format and that got me triggered. if we hit 250k subscribers we will ban blast for his hateful signs of being a uh a shoe.

Proof here that Blast cannot write my name correctly: http://prntscr.com/lbdypr for you see my name is not craigos it is Master Of JoJo Craig-and-go and it i'm triggered. >:(
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Unacceptable. I can't believe scum like this is staff on Hawk Servers. We should take this villain straight to Supreme Court!


this deserves to be taken to court, blast is definitely a shoe and should be demoted. also remora supreme like the company bc thats fuckin dope
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I'm actually thinking a low-life scum like him should be publicly executed, sign this petition 6 times for him to be publicly executed on the server, with a C H O P.


Add +1/6 to vote for blast to be publicly executed and -1/6 to vote against it
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will get tasid to demote him


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