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Report on ibuypingu and AK Hezan

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Your RP Name*
>> TFO Shadow Charmer

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:82077363

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Players (2)

What are their names*
>> ibuypingu and AK Hezan

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:121930256 and STEAM_0:1:201058765 (respectively)

What are you accusing them of?
>> NLR Breaking + LTAP (ibuypingu) and NLR Breaking + Trying to provoke a player (Hezan)

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> Well, this is simple to understand:
I started raiding AK Hezan and ibuypingu's base:

When I was cracking the first keypad, I noticed someone was coming out of the base, so instead of continuing the hacking, I waited for them to come out to kill them and also get one fading door out of the way easily. Once the user ibuypingu was on the last fading door, I waited for him to put the keycode in and then gunned him down, killing him in the act and starting to crack my way through the next fading doors. Around 30 seconds after killing ibuypingu, Hezan also came to kill me to defend his base, however, I ended up gunning him down as well. Sadly, I don't have the logs as the admin who took the sit I made (Hxveyyy) said this (which is completely understandable, although I'd like any staff member to post the logs in here so everyone can see that these two users came back to their base after being killed in a raid):

Anyway, I made a sit because ibuypingu broke NLR by coming back to the base to defend it after having been killed previously, breaking the second rule:
Do not break NLR - New Life Rule - You forget events which have occurred in your past life. You cannot return back to your death position for 3 minutes. You cannot return if dying in a raid until the raid finishes.
I highlighted the part that both these users don't seem to know and, therefore, broke. As you can see here, this is the only log I could manage to get my hands on, the one the console provided me with:

After that, I called a sit on him for breaking NLR, although even if 8 staff members were online at that moment, it took around 4 minutes to be pulled into a sit by Hxveyyy with whom I already showed the conversation we had together about ibuypingu leaving the server. Returning to the main topic, after killing this player, he started chatting with me on OOC while I was trying to get out of the base once and for all (I can't add more attachments, so from now on it has to be through links, apologies. They are still in order, though.):

There, it can be observed the lack of knowledge of NLR of this player, saying that he waited 3 minutes to counter again. After killing him, I was almost done with the raid, had stolen 2 printers and was cracking the last door with more than spare time to do so. That is until I got killed by Hezan, who had returned to his base again to defend it (saying, like ibuypingu "But the NLR was over"), at that moment, my raid was finished, my weapons lost, and the printers I had stolen, back in the base they went:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eshG2V...8k6smUbkDt (here you can see that my name is in white, I was a thief, so it means I was dead right when I typed that)

Again, here it is shown the lack of knowledge about the NLR rule, killing me to defend his base after being killed while I was raiding them.

As a closing statement, as I was creating this report and screenshotting everything in the chat, I noticed Hezan calling me on OOC multiple times, despite answering to know what he wanted, I got this:

Him trying to provoke me. Now, maybe you have mixed thoughts about this last part, but it was mainly the NLR what infuriated me and what I wanted to bring up here (as well as ibuypingu's LTAP).

Whew, that was LONG, but I believe that this evidence suggests the NLR breaking enough, if any staff members could look into the logs of this happening and paste them in another post, it would help, but this is all I could gather from my end.
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I've informed Pingu of his mistake and will proceed to have a talk with Hezan, both will be warned.

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