My favorite day of the week


My favorite day of the week is friday , because that is when everything bad ends and everything nice starts , the weekend .

Friday is when the stress is released by going out and drinking with friends and taking a long hot bath.

That is why i love friday.


Personaly Mine Is Friday Cus I See My Gf And Friends And Then School is Over For Sat And Sunday
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Friday night is usually sick but my favourite day is Saturday for sure.


Seriously? No one is rooting for Monday? Wow. Impressive.
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Monday?..... thats the worst day, the week starts and u realise ur life is worthless and school is a test of memory not knowledge. 
Friday is better cos u can say fuck school for 2 days and enjoy the lie ins and alcohol.

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You know you can drink at home from the age of 5. At pubs from the age of 16 but with a parent and with a meal. Smile

Friday is my fav cause I go to a house and stay there overnight where I am happy. And get things like food and love.
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Fridays are the best because its the last day Smile
No school

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Friday is the worst day for me, because of me. Unless I don’t have any homework, I can come online however, if I do, I cram it all into that one day unless I have homework that is set on the same week or I’m doing revision
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Drinking with friends? You're 17! I'm telling your mother.
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mine is Thursday cause weekends start at Thursday xD Tongue
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