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My favorite way to farm posts


Personally, i like writing detailed suggestions that explain potential solutions for problems going on in-game at that time. 

What do you like to do to get your post count up when you want to apply for staff or get that sweet promotion?


shut up dingus


It's not really post farming if you're providing "detailed" and "potential solutions for problems"
A post farm would be something random or just a few word answers such as "shut up dingus" or " FIFA IS BIG GAY"

Anyways, my favourite "post farm" would be to just not post farm since they will get deleted and you will be punished for it anyway.
This is so sad I only have 1 rep


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this is groundbreaking new information
thank for the educateining

its time 2 report bahpu for poop posting

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Oh I see, someone has repeatedly made threads asking people what their "favourite" x is.

This is so sad I only have 1 rep


I mean, I always try to scoop a post out but staff apps, mostly bad ones are the best way to do so! (No offence intended) >:3
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i just reply to weird shit like this
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report all staff and make staff applications of your own
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Lol irrelevant thread
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