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Hi there staff,

I would like to start of by saying im disappointed to be warned  and dont have any evidence so i dont really know how useful this will be. 

So what happened is someone had a suicide booth (dont know the steam name) and a swat went in a killed the guy running the suicide  booth (also dont know the name) so i saw a fellow swat member break the law so i tazed him and was gonna arrest him like i would anyone else as i believed that he 1 broke the law and 2 RDMD someone and CR Diego was behind me saw me and gave me a warning. i asked him to check the logs and he said to appeal if i was unhappy so here we are, this also brings to question if he was behind me why was he more concerned about me tazeing someone who i believed to of broken the law and not on the fact the swat member rdmd someone (unless he wasnt there when the kill happened but i did taze the guy quite quickly after him killing the other guy)  all in all a warn isnt the end of the world i was just quite disappointed with the warn and then also disappointed with CR Diego unwillingness to check the logs.

Look forward to hearing back from you.
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>> furylemon

Your SteamID*

>> Furylemon97

What is the reason of the warn?*

>> for tazing a fellow officer 

Who warned you?*

>> CR Diego 


I will get diego to respond
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Ok , So Some Kid Was Standing On The Window Near A Base U Walk Up To Him And Taze Him Ur Reason "Breaking Laws"
I Was There For A Min Or Two When U Randomly Confront And Taze Him , Keep In Mind This Player Was A SWAT
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if you would of checked the logs like i asked you to you would of see that the swat member killed the other guy

also i thought arresting him was the right thing to do i saw what i thought was a player breaking the law so i went to arrest it doesnt say in the rules that you cant arrest fellow swat members if they have broken the law



I feel that when the information is presented like this then there should be a full-blown sit to check all the circumstances and statements with both sides and cross-check with the logs, not just an on-street question as the reality could be quite different. As for tazing a swat if there was truly a valid reason because of breaking a law ( Which could be easily clarified in a full-blown sit ), he shouldn't have been warned.
Due to lack of support for the warn to be valid, the warn shall be removed.
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