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Report On Aze


Your RP Name*
>> DG MilkMan

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:175157927

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Player

What are their names*
>> Aze

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:1:178728200

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

Within the last hour, Aze has been adverting "Missclick" a lot, it couldn't have been an accidently clicking a bind because in the screenshot, some of the missclicks are spelt differently.
So basically, I came onto the server in hopes to get some sits done and when I join I get greeted by a death notification, I see in the top corner that it was Aze and he adverts missclick. I think nothing of this, however, as I start doing some sits, I start to see more "missclicks" from them and so I check logs to see how many times they've done it. In he screen shot above it shows that in only approximately 1 hour he has adverted a missclick TEN times. This leads me to believe that they are abusing the Missclick system to kill people unfairly. Multiple sits have been made about RDM that have been traced back to his "missclick"'s.


will missclick him to missclick here


it happened a few times about 3-4 this morning when i was on

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Look at this screenshot, he's still doing it. After I've made this report...
He has done it FIFTEEN (15) Times this past hour.




Accepted, he ignored my Discord ping at first but now that I was provided clear evidence - I'm concluding it.

Aze has been banned for 2 weeks for abusing the missclick adverts & MRDM.

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