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Shitty Admins

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Your RP Name
>> Shitty Admins (This was actually my name)
Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:69696969

Who banned you?*
>> A shitty admin (Patrick)

What is the stated reason?*
>> MRDM and Racism

Ban Duration?*
>> 2 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> Because I massRDMed but I wasn't being racist, these shitty admins need to be demoted once and for all! I wasn't being racist all I did was massRDM what kind of shitty admin says you was being racist when you wasn't... Very shitty admin...


Excuse me? "all i did was massRDM" and you want an unban?? Pathetic. Maybe you need to work on your attitude rather than saying "Yeah i massrdm but I never was racist that means i should lose my 2 week ban!!!" Denied.

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