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Your RP Name*
>>DG Beni

Your SteamID*
Are you reporting Staff or Players*

What are their names*

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>he was no coilde abusing 
                               [Image: z5b2eaf5f6f532.gif]


Will get him to respond.


I thought most of the people (well I'm gonna tell everything that I know) use no-colided walls n shit to make decoration's, rooms, etc. I even once raided an admin's base and he had that type of shit dawg. Tbh forgot the admin's name, but I thought that, that was allowed. Sorry my bad, I will remove that from my save when I come on later, please forgive me :C


4 - You cannot use nocollided props to gain an advantage for one way props.

Not a new rule.
Accepted - M1nit will be warned.

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