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DA is a brand new clan set up by yours truely we currently consist of experienced players but are looking to expand with more builders and more raiders we are very friendly and have a discord we are looking for members age 13+ with atleast 4 days playtime they have to be either really good builders or really good raiders and you have to be liked of course so please fill out the application and it will be read and responded too

                                                                                       Raider or builder>
                                                                                       Average playtime per week>
                                                                                       Describe yourself>

                                                                                       What do you have to offer>


Rpname> raccoon activist

Raider or builder> Take a wild guess, builder.

Average playtime per week> 21/28 hours

Describe yourself> I build, I play, I enjoy stuff, and I have guns.

What do you have to offer> Guns, defence and more guns.
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Rpname>lieutenant dan

Raider or builder> bit of both

Average playtime per week> 9 hours

Describe yourself> I like to kill people

What do you have to offer> Killing enemies


Raider/Builder- Raider
Average Play time per weeek-12-14 hours if not on school break
Describe yourself- big autismo that can work a gun
what do u have to offer- I can protec, attac and most importantly cyka blyat
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-pluqnr7XCJF4QskoVsy...8JXua3P37y]you wont

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