Jet skis


Whilst on the jet ski u cant take damage so if u do a bank raid you r invincible


yeah i was gonna do this bug report this morning when i was recording and discovered it i have the video and all just have to get it uploaded but yeah i found pingu's jetski this morning and rode it around everywhere and exliltiy (however you spell his name) when to steal it and shot me with 1 full mag from a pkm then a shotgun then i had other people try and kill me no one could i sent a admin request out about it and it took a bit but it was taken and i dont remember what happen during that and stuff but the only way to kill someone that is on a jetski is get behind then crouch and knife them but downside is it only does 1 damage per hit


we know , idk what the bigboys r doing but im sure it will be fixed as soon as they can do it.
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Im sure this is getting fixed as we had a report already

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